Springer Group

A Reputation of Diligence, Comprehensiveness

As a home-grown residential property owner with more than five decades of experience and expertise, the Springer Group of Companies has as comprehensive and diverse a suite of options as one can find anywhere in the Kingston area. We care about our community and therefore have deliberately broadened our offerings to include a host of options for Queen’s University students, for military families or individuals, for young professionals or for our burgeoning active seniors population.
Many of our residential properties include a commercial component, but all are located in prime locations throughout the city of Kingston, as well as in Gananoque. Each unit is in excellent condition and is provided with superior property maintenance and responsive management services.
As owners who live in the community, we take pride in ensuring that all our properties are in the best condition possible and that our tenants – who are in fact our neighbours – feel at home, feel that their needs are being met and will want to enjoy many happy years in the home that we provide for they and their families.